Debate Card Manager

A program that I made to manage online debate cards without having a bunch of tabs open.

DLA Simulation

This program simulates the sticking of particles in a process called difussion-limited aggregation.
Picture of DLA simulation
Download Here


An implimentation of Craig Reynold's boids.
Picture of Boids
Download Here

Visualization of Angular Momentum

I made a program which demonstrates the principle of conservation of angular momentum.
Download Here


Proelium is a video game that I am currently working on. I might finish it this summer, I might not.

RC Car

I'm making an RC car using an old router, an arduino, and old FRC robotics parts. I have all the programming and electronics done, but I don't have the materials needed for building the frame.


Picture of TheGJCDev

TheGJCDev is an online forum built on PHP and MariaDB. I built it from scratch in 2016 and the work on it gave me tons of database management skills. The website was shutdown in 2020 when the server was repurposed.